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No matter what your situation may be, you belong at the Y.

If you need financial assistance for your gym membership, our scholarship program can empower you to make connections and achieve goals you thought were out of reach.

Learn about our Open Door Scholarship Program

You should be able to work toward a healthy spirit, mind, and body—regardless of your age, background, ability, or income. Our Open Door Scholarship Program offers a sliding scale fee to help you afford your Y membership.

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We're so thankful to our donors.

The funds available for The Open Door Scholarship Program are possible thanks to the generosity of our donors during our Annual Support Campaign. Thank you for helping us guide others in reaching their full potential!

We've made it easy for you to apply.

You can pick up the necessary forms at the Y Welcome Center, and our Membership Director will assist you in determining your income-based rate. All the financial information you share with us will remain completely confidential.
Want to discuss our scholarship program?