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We’re bringing financial literacy education to local students.

As a major educator in financial skills and principles, Junior Achievement’s partnership with the YMCA will bring these programs to more than 5,000 additional students.

What is Junior Achievement?

The Junior Achievement program in Lafayette, Indiana teaches elementary, middle, and high school students how to be successful participants in a global economy with a variety of learning programs to build their skills in a way that supports long-term financial success.

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Biztown & Finance Park provide valuable hands-on financial learning.
Junior Achievement has two experiential lab programs located in the YMCA facility to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to develop financial responsibility. We created Biztown and Finance Park to teach students about principles such as cash management, budgeting, debt management, and more.
When students come into the Junior Achievement area in the YMCA, they are greeted with businesses and organizations ready for them to run during their lab session. These labs provide opportunities to practice buying goods and services, paying utilities, running a business, managing a workforce, and much more.
Junior Achievement programs like BizTown and Finance Park have proven positive outcomes:
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Work with Junior Achievement to build a better community.
Are you a student in business or elementary education at Ivy Tech Community College? You can intern with the Junior Achievement program in Lafayette, Indiana.
While gaining valuable experience, you can also teach kids about the importance of financial responsibility through real-world activities right on campus at the YMCA.
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