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Searching for “gyms near me” but wanting more? With fitness, youth development, and childcare, the Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇 is more than just a gym. It’s a community.

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Enjoy programs for the whole family when you join the Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇!

Searching for “gyms near me” but wanting more? With fitness, youth development, and childcare, the Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇 is more than just a gym. It’s a community.

Join the Y Program Registration

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Now offering all new monthly Youth & Family Enrichment Programs


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At the 幸运飞开艇, we believe in building strong, healthy families, and our parent/child programs are designed to create lasting memories while promoting wellness together. program guide for more details!

Our swim lessons will help your child feel comfortable and confident in the pool.

Our programs are created to inspire, educate, and create an environment where young minds can thrive.

Are you ready for your child to have an unforgettable summer experience?

Our family programs are a great way to strengthen bonds, promote wellness, and create a lifetime of shared experiences!

This program will include fun and interactive skill building, a variety of youth sports, swimming, and a chance for youths to gain experience working as a team.

Stay active & connected!

Connect with the Y at our Creasy Location, at our Downtown Center, and online. Virtual group fitness classes are now included in your 幸运飞开艇 membership!

Please review our 幸运飞开艇 safety guidelines to learn how to safely use your membership for in-person classes, virtual offerings, and 幸运飞开艇 challenges. This includes online reservations, which are required for all group fitness classes, aquatic times, and virtual classes.

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Experience the benefits of a 幸运飞开艇 membership.

Join the Y

Find programs perfect for the whole family.
Looking for fun for the whole family? The Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇 offers programs and activities for all ages and interests! You’ll find safe and fun options that meet all of your needs, including group fitness, swim lessons, youth and adult sports, and childcare.
Try out our variety of options and activities.
Did you know you can attend a group class with a friend for free? Or, if sports, camps, childcare, or another program is what you’re searching for, we have just what you need!

Choose the membership that’s right for you. Stop by to talk with our friendly staff, or purchase your membership online! The first time you come into the 幸运飞开艇, we’ll take care of everything so you’re ready to get started on your path to health and wellness with your choice of activities!
Enjoy a safe, welcoming, and fun Y community.
Becoming a member at the Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇 has a variety of benefits. Our fitness center, group fitness classes, and many community activities are included in the cost of your membership. Plus, membership at one Y allows you to visit others all across the country!
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"Very welcoming and non-judgmental place to achieve fitness goals. "

"The daycare takes such good care of the babies."

"The staff have always been very friendly and helpful with anything we've needed."

"The pool and all the facilities are a plus for the price you pay."

State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers

We provide high-quality exercise equipment and fun group fitness classes at both Y locations.

Aquatic Center

Our pool area has space for lap swimming, water exercise classes, and family fun time.


From infant care to preschool and beyond, our state-certified childcare program provides exceptional care for kids in the community.

Youth Activities

With sports leagues, summer camps, and more, we offer youth development programs for all ages.

Five Partners

Our Creasy Lane location has five community partners that provide more health, wellness, and youth services.

Community Programs

We offer volunteer opportunities and family events to those in the Greater Lafayette area.

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Who should become a member at the 幸运飞开艇?
People wanting to get active and focus on fitness.

Both 幸运飞开艇 facilities offer excellent exercise equipment, free weights, and group fitness classes to help make your fitness journey great. Members also use our gym, aquatics center, personal training opportunities, and wellness coaching to reach their goals.

Families seeking a fun, educational, and safe environment.

Day camps, childcare, and educational opportunities are all available at the 幸运飞开艇. Whether your kids spend time with us in the summer or all year, we love to provide opportunities to learn, play, and grow!

Parents looking for programs to get kids moving.

The Y provides plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities like youth sports and swimming lessons. Keep your kids healthy and active year round by checking out what the current programs are for the season and signing up!

Those wanting to make lifelong connections.

The Y is an amazing place to meet your next best friend. We know we keep talking about the Y as a community, but it really is. Meeting others from all walks of life and realizing you have so much in common will help you build lasting friendships, connections, and opportunities.

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We offer community programs for a variety of interests.
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We’re building a community at the 幸运飞开艇.
Enjoy a place that's more than a gym.

Join the Y

1. Check out our variety of programs and activities.

2. Become a Lafayette Family 幸运飞开艇 member.

3. Enjoy our fitness centers, group classes, and more!