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Our Mission

Make Hope
Happen Everyday.

Here at Soaring on Hope, it is our mission to make hope happen everyday.


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Our Vision

To take accessibility to quality care and resources to all children and all families in all communities!

Our Values Anchor

Our Values

Build-Up Trust

To live out our mission and achieve our vision, we all should maintain integrity and honesty in what we say and do. We must be able to trust our organization, and that relies on being able to trust each other.

Be Better Together

Each of us is here for a reason, and we succeed as a team only if we excel as individuals. We all must be proud of our important individual roles and committed to excelling in them. We all should be humble enough to be open minded, quick to listen, appreciate differences, seek first to understand, respect each other, and trust that we are better together. We all should take the initiative to go above and beyond by serving our children and their families as a whole, serving the community, and serving each other. We all must actively choose to initiate and participate in collaboration.

Make Every Story Matter

We all must value, share and join together our stories. Every child, family member, and co-worker has an important story with an important future.  

Keep Stubborn Hope

Trials produce endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope. To live out our mission and achieve our vision, we all must work together to respond to and triumph over trials.  

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